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Tim Penny Architecture - New Office & Bar

About the Project:

Tim Penny Architecture + interiors

New Office Harrington Lane

This project is a contemporary mixed use development of three independent business is within a small constrained inner city site. The property has dual frontage of Liverpool Street and Harrington Lane. The original building is a 1840 ‘townhouse’ and shop, that when purchased, had a jumble of outbuildings onto Harrington Lane. The ground floor street frontage was developed as Penny Contemporary Art Gallery. Elements of the 1930’s façade were retained when the lead lined concrete fish trays were demolished for a new shop front, together with repolishing of the 1950’s terrazzo floor.

The Harrington Lane building is an exercise in efficiency and economy accommodating the architectural practice over two levels. The ground floor of the new building was developed as a discrete Art Bar, also utilizing the shell of the original outbuilding for bar amenities and roof top garden. The aesthetic of the bar interior design is to counterpoint the minimal white space of the Art Gallery with a highly decorative secluded retreat to enable guests to be ‘somewhere else’.Between the historic and the new building is a green space where nature mediates between art and architecture.